Hanf Parade English Version

The demonstrations in favor or against something, are the order of the day in Berlin.
There are no prejudices about and participation (or at least tolerance ) is total by all the inhabitants despite the hardships that occur for the passage of thousands of people and the subsequent closure of the affected areas . Yes, because in Berlin events are not confined to the most remote suburbs but take place in the center, with the conclusion , in almost totalitа cases, the Brandenburg Gate .
You can see an old lady move to the beat of techno music at the edge of the road during the Love Parade or manager in a suit and tie hugging and dancing with a transvestite during the Christopher Street Day Parade. This is Berlin , which is why I love it.
L ‘ HanfParade takes place every year during the month of August ( when I was 11, I present ) , the goal is obviously the legalization of the hemp plant also for recreational uses .
It ‘an event fun , colorful and carefree , no matter whether you are in favor or not , no one will ask for strength to support their fight, what counts is to be given the opportunity to demonstrate and bring to light an issue on which we certainly would much to discuss.
Just the possibility to discuss any topic distinguishes the backward countries by the developed countries , Germany from Italy, Berlin from Florence.



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